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What to pay attention to cloud storage?

What to pay attention to cloud storage?

What to pay attention to cloud storage?

In addition to developing internet technologies, this problem is causing data backup. increasing data, images, programs etc. our limited capacity devices cause space problem. What if we have limited storage? we can not solve the problem by wiping the cloud storage technologies. You can benefit from the categories on the right side for free and paid storage services.

However, there are advantages of data storage on the Internet as well as disadvantages. Can there be any security vulnerabilities in the limited storage area or in public access to all? how secure are our data? Can anyone see our passwords? Although you receive paid service, you should never share your personal, very important information on the internet.


  1. you have no border problems,
  2. you pay as much as you use,
  3. the problem of data loss is not easily,
  4. you don’t need to travel with a portable media all the time,
  5. You can access your files from anywhere with internet,
  6. You can reach to storage from mobile or computer by developing technologies,
  7. no possible data losses, system crashes etc. In cases where the system can bring back.
  8. It is economical.


  1. need continuous internet connection to reach your files,
  2. you must make a monthly or yearly payment in return for the service,
  3. there is a small chance that your data will be in the hands of someone else.