Amazon S3 cloud object storage – Cloud storage services
Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Cloud object storage,is a service that allows you to store your data on the Internet without any restrictions. evolving technologies, increasing data storage problem has been raised. The data storage process, which is a costly sector, has created a new sector with the development of the internet. Cloud sector is an online solution without the need to host IT personnel and at cheaper costs. Thanks to its convenient interface, the amazon s3 always offers solution-oriented factors to its customers.

Benefits of Cloud Object Storage

  • It is resistant. Thanks to its position in many centers of the world, you can reach your data in a different redundant center in case of any negativity.
  • Safe and compatible It is the only cloud company that uses 3 different encryption methods.
  • Flexible manageable system Provides reporting, which helps you to reduce costs. Even a user with little knowledge about database management can easily use this system. Amazon s3, here is no fixed cost, you pay up the amount of data you use. This page you can calculate your average cost by writing your usage amount. AWS Free Usage Layer you can use this service free of charge. Within this context, you will be entitled to 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage for 1 year, 20,000 Get Request, 2,000 Put Request and 15 GB of data transfer for 1 year.
    The table for charging information is presented below.
    You can subscribe to the service andclick here to get service.


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