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Month: November 2018

Jumpshare Free and Paid File Sharing (Storage) Services

Jumpshare Free and Paid File Sharing (Storage) Services

Jumpshare, provides paid and free data storage on the internet since 2012. 2 GB of free accounts, a maximum of 250 MB file upload permission, 30 seconds screenshot recording, mobile support, SSL certificate, Google verification tool offers features.

Jumpshare offers 2 more packages for a fee. These are plus and business. Buy package, business package 14 days trial Here

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services

Your vision. Your cloud. Turn your ideas into solutions in a reliable cloud environment designed specifically for you. Azure. Cloud for everyone.

Quickly turn ideas into solutions to get ready to work soon. Just bring your code for this. Create applications using your preferred language, such as Node.js, Java and .NET, and use the services you’re already familiar with and love.

As important as it is to write great codes for you, work with top-notch development tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for PC or Mac to increase your productivity with features that focus on it.

Deploy mobile applications to users more quickly by simplifying the mobile development life cycle with Visual Studio App Center, including automated compilations and tests for cross-platform, hybrid, and local applications on iOS and Android.

Consistent and comprehensive single hybrid cloud

Do more than connect your data center to the cloud.Take advantage of the largest set of hybrid skills and deliver true hybrid consistency in your applications, data, identity, security, and management in the on-premises and cloud environments.

Cloud for smart solutions

Create next-generation smart apps using powerful data and artificial intelligence (AI) services, and discover transformer insights.

Develop groundbreaking applications with built-in intelligence

Create artificial intelligence-assisted experiences by taking advantage of a comprehensive range of services, infrastructure and tools.Get faster predictions by creating robots and built-in advanced analysis tools that interact naturally with users.

Make new experiences possible by delivering human-like intelligence in your applications with comprehensive Azure data and artificial intelligence services such as Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service.

Rest your back on managed service features such as built-in monitoring, threat detection, auto-patching, and backups.

Your assets are in safe hands

Startup companies, government agencies and 90 percent of businesses in Fortune 500 are using Microsoft Cloud. Would you like to join?

More certificates than any other cloud provider

Microsoft is pioneering and always meeting the industry in setting clear requirements for security and privacy. Azure; In addition to country-specific standards such as the Australian IRAP, UK G-Cloud and Singapore MTCS, it also meets a wide range of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2. The rigorous audits of third parties, such as the British Standards Institute, confirmed Azure’s compliance with rigid safety audits required by these standards.

Microsoft Azure is here

Opendrive cloud storage

Opendrive cloud storage

Opendrive cloud storage

Opendrive cloud storage logo

Opendrive is an online storage service that gives you 5 GB of free space. Free users can upload files up to 100 mb in size, and has a daily traffic limit of 1 gb. File download speed is also limited to 200 kb / s. Linux / Mac / Windows offers the ability to easily backup and share files on personal computers. All packages are listed below.

Opendrive cloud storage

Opendrive cloud storage

OpenDrive is here

What to pay attention to cloud storage?

What to pay attention to cloud storage?

What to pay attention to cloud storage?

In addition to developing internet technologies, this problem is causing data backup. increasing data, images, programs etc. our limited capacity devices cause space problem. What if we have limited storage? we can not solve the problem by wiping the cloud storage technologies. You can benefit from the categories on the right side for free and paid storage services.

However, there are advantages of data storage on the Internet as well as disadvantages. Can there be any security vulnerabilities in the limited storage area or in public access to all? how secure are our data? Can anyone see our passwords? Although you receive paid service, you should never share your personal, very important information on the internet.


  1. you have no border problems,
  2. you pay as much as you use,
  3. the problem of data loss is not easily,
  4. you don’t need to travel with a portable media all the time,
  5. You can access your files from anywhere with internet,
  6. You can reach to storage from mobile or computer by developing technologies,
  7. no possible data losses, system crashes etc. In cases where the system can bring back.
  8. It is economical.


  1. need continuous internet connection to reach your files,
  2. you must make a monthly or yearly payment in return for the service,
  3. there is a small chance that your data will be in the hands of someone else.
2018’s best paid and free cloud storage services

2018’s best paid and free cloud storage services

2018’s best paid and free cloud storage services

In this article, which is prepared according to the evaluation of users of 2018, we will talk about the best paid and free cloud storage services.

It has the feature of working with gmail. You can try corporate packages for a monthly payment of $ 12.5.

Sign up for Dropbox here

Google drive offers 15 gb of free space. up to $ 100 per month for 1.5 dollars per month. Since it can be integrated with android, you can backup everything directly on your device.

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It is a great cloud storage service which mega users use with drag and drop method. This package has packages up to 4.99 euro and 29.99 euro.

Sign up for Mega here

OneDrive, one of the popular services of microsoft, offers free 5gb of space. If you look at the paid packages you can get 50 gb for 3 dollars, 1 tb for 8 dollars, 5 tb per month for 11 dollars….

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50 gb per month for $ 0.99, 200 gb for $ 2.99, $ 2.99 for 2 tb storage space.

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Offering 10 GB of free storage to its users, the box offers more space storage at a lower cost per month. Paid services;

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Nextcloud offers software to convert your own server into a storage service rather than a cloud storage service. If you do not know IT software, you can buy a device included in the software 1tb size.

Sign up for NextCloud here

Pioneer of cloud storage offering advanced options.The company offers free 5 gb of storage space and offers 2tb space for $ 13.99 per year. Fully compatible with your device thanks to the ability to drag and drop all your files easily. Personal: 2TB for $52 a year Business: 250GB for $74.62 a year.In addition, the parts of your idrive harddisks as well as the ability to back up the possible crash, deletion and so on. it prevents you from experiencing negative situations.

Sign up for IDrive here

Offering a fairly high space of 20 gb free of charge, pCloud is taking a step difference to the others. The company gives 10 GB free space to its users and it is increasing your quota by means of reference method. You can easily back up your files to the capacity of your space thanks to the panel you can easily access from your mobile phone or computer. For the 500 gb area, you pay monthly $ 3.99 per month, $ 2.99 per month for 2 tb.

Sign up for pCloud here

Mediafire is among the few companies in the web world that have been providing storage services for about 10 years. social media accounts, with the membership to the site with the free storage space up to 40 gb is possible to increase. In addition to this free service you will also be shown small advertisements 🙂 (support required) MediaFire works stably on iOS and Android and can be backed up.

Sign up for pCloud here MediaFire

Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Amazon S3 cloud object storage

Cloud object storage,is a service that allows you to store your data on the Internet without any restrictions. evolving technologies, increasing data storage problem has been raised. The data storage process, which is a costly sector, has created a new sector with the development of the internet. Cloud sector is an online solution without the need to host IT personnel and at cheaper costs. Thanks to its convenient interface, the amazon s3 always offers solution-oriented factors to its customers.

Benefits of Cloud Object Storage

  • It is resistant. Thanks to its position in many centers of the world, you can reach your data in a different redundant center in case of any negativity.
  • Safe and compatible It is the only cloud company that uses 3 different encryption methods.
  • Flexible manageable system Provides reporting, which helps you to reduce costs. Even a user with little knowledge about database management can easily use this system. Amazon s3, here is no fixed cost, you pay up the amount of data you use. This page you can calculate your average cost by writing your usage amount. AWS Free Usage Layer you can use this service free of charge. Within this context, you will be entitled to 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage for 1 year, 20,000 Get Request, 2,000 Put Request and 15 GB of data transfer for 1 year.
    The table for charging information is presented below.
    You can subscribe to the service andclick here to get service.


Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Google cloud platform offers 2 options for free and free of charge. The company offers many options to its users. For example, you can use the nearline package for content that you will use once a month. Like the coldline package for the content you use once a year. You can see the prices determined for service use in the chart below.

What makes google cloud different from others is that it adopts the pay-as-you-go policy rather than a fixed fee payment. To keep your data securely on the internet, google is pretty hard for you to provide uninterrupted service. Google cloud partnerships with many companies to provide uninterrupted service to customers. You can see these organizations below.

Google cloud, audio, video, music, websites, personal data, such as everything you can seamlessly host.

For more information, please visit the Google Cloud Platform site.

What is cloud storage ?

What is cloud storage ?

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage, is the storage of your files on computers that are open 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. There are many companies that offer this service free of charge.

Paid cloud storage services here , for free cloud storage services, click here.

cloud storage is lower in comparison to the cost of an IT staff. according to the statistics of the cloud storage service is 15% more than the institution.

What are the advantages of cloud service?

  • It is more economical than staff services.
  • If you want to try this part you can take advantage of free.
  • You can access your data from anywhere with internet. you don’t need to use a permanent storage device with you.
  • With the development of technology you can now easily benefit from this service from your mobile phones. no need to carry your computer.
  • You can easily communicate with cloud services without having to be connected to the company, mail, storage, messaging, online services can be used without any problems.
  • cloud storage is the most beautiful. that is, your data is stored on a second or even 3rd computer to prevent possible loss.

Disadvantages of cloud storage

  • Even though your data is somehow redundant on the Internet, it may not be fully secure. Therefore, we recommend that you do not share your passwords, important files, your bank details, your personal documents for any reason whatsoever.
  • If you don’t have internet, you cannot benefit from the cloud storage service. you must have a permanent internet connection to use this service, otherwise you will not be able to access your files.